Impact of erosive processes in mountain areas (Southeastern Spain)

María Burguet
Institute for Sustainable Agriculture (IAS-CSIC), Spain

Dique del Granadino (Granada, Spain)

The sediment accumulation in the Rules reservoir represents a threat to its useful time. The Granadino (Guadalfeo river) dam was built in 2002, upstream from the reservoir to retain fluvial sediments, as well as, enabling water for irrigation. However, since 2004 the dam exhibits severe aggradation problems, causing a reduction of 17% of the total reservoir capacity, at the elevation level of the spillway.

The watersheds developed in the low Alpujarras, as well as the Contraviesa and Lujar mountains, present a very high degree of degradation, whereas the watersheds in the south-facing slope of Sierra Nevada show high flood potential. At the microscale it is important to emphasize infiltration and friction processes, caused by surface and subsurface runoff, as well as unconsolidated rock dragging. At the mesoscale level, landslides, creep, liquefaction and gullying processes need to be remarked as sediment sources in the Guadalfeo River.


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