FUEGORED2012 Young Researcher Award

The meeting of the Spanish Network “Effects of Forest Fires on Soil” was held from 24 to 27 October 2012 in Puerto de la Cruz (Canary Islands, Spain), FUEGORED2012.
During the meeting, a committee decided FUEGORED2012 National Prize for Young Researchers. The election was conducted among more than 30 works submitted to the contest.

The award was given to Jorge García-Moreno, PhD student at the University of Seville, for his research “Do stones modify the spatial distribution of fire-induced soil water repellency? Preliminary data”.

Jorge García-Moreno (left) receiveing the award (a thermocouple and datalogger system) from Jorge Mataix-Solera (center) and Artemi Cerdà (right), coordinators of FUEGORED.
  • Jorge García-Moreno is a member of MED-Soil Research Group. He studied in the Technical School for Agricultural Engineering (University of Sevilla). His early research was on fertilization in organic farming and currently he is dedicated to study the soil water repellency and its effects on physical and hydrological properties. He is working in his PhD at the Department of Crystallography, Mineralogy and Agricultural Chemistry of the University of Seville, Spain. The awarded study was conducted in the experimental farm Blanco White (Seville), in collaboration with the International Water Engineering School of Andalusia (University of Seville).
Jorge carefully observes while teammate Ángel does the hard work.

Also, two accesits were awarded to Patricia Jimenez-Pinilla (University Miguel Hernandez), for her work “Vegetation type and ashes as key factors for the evolution of soil water repellency after a wildfire” and Jonay Neris (University of La Laguna), for his work “Using thermal analysis to evaluate the fire effects on organic matter content of Andisols”.

Pat working in a burnt area in Alicante (Spain)
  • Patricia Jimenez-Pinilla was born in Toledo. She studied Geological Sciences and a Masters in Environmental Geology and Geological Resources, both from the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. She completed his master’s work in collaboration with the Geological Survey of Spain, IGME, thus ushering in the study of water repellency of soils. From this work emerged her first scientific publication, “The 2009 smoldering peat fire in the Las Tablas de Daimiel National Park,” and her first book “Study of the mobs in the National Park of Las Tablas de Daimiel”. Currently she is a doctoral student at the University Miguel Hernández de Elche, FPI by a grant awarded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
Jonay Neris
  • Jonay Neris graduated in Environmental Sciences and is PhD in Biology. He serves as researcher at the Department of Soil Science and Geology at the University of La Laguna. His work has focused on the study of surface hydrology of volcanic soils and edaphic and environmental factors that determine it. He has participated in more than a dozen research projects related to soil science. He has published several articles in important international journals, book chapters and numerous contributions to conferences both nationally and internationally related to hydrology and the effect of wildfires on soil properties.

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