Chris J. Barrow: the editor's experience

Chris J. Barrow
Editor of Land Degradation & Development

Chris J. Barrow

Recently retired from a Readership researching and teaching in the School of the Environment and Society, Swansea University, UK but continues as an Honorary Associate active in research, teaching and consultancy. His specialisms are land degradation, environmental management, sustainable resource use in tropical highlands, environmental and social impact assessment and integrated river basin management. He has undertaken research in a number of countries, including Malaysia, Brazil, Morocco and the sub-Antarctic and has authored a number of books, including: Environmental Management for Sustainable Development (Routledge, 2006) Environmental Change and Human Development (Arnold, 2003) Alternative Irrigation (Earthscan 1999) Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (Arnold 1997) Land Degradation (Cambridge University Press 1991) Water Resources and Agricultural Developmen in the Tropics (Longman, 1987).

Cover of Land Degradation and Development

He established (in 1989) and acted as Managing Editor of the international journal, Land Degradation & Development  (Wiley-Blackwell journals) until January 2013, when he handed over to Artemio Cerdà, and continues as Founding Editor. Land Degradation & Development seeks to promote the recognition, monitoring, control and rehabilitation of degradation in terrestrial environments.


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