My favourite Soil Science books: "Soils: Genesis and Geomorphology" and "Soil Genesis and Classification"

Eric C. Brevik
Dickinson State University

I have a tie for my favorite books in soil science. They are Soils: Genesis and Geomorphology by R. Schaetzl and S. Anderson and Soil Genesis and Classification, 6th Edition by S.W. Buol, R.J. Southard, R.C. Graham, and P.A. McDaniel.

Soils: Genesis and Geomorphology. Source: Angus &. Robertson (

These books provide very good overviews of the modern status of the material they cover, and I find them highly valuable both as professional references and as textbooks for the soil genesis and survey class I teach. I am also rather partial to the subject material, as someone who did masters work in geomorphology and doctoral work in soil genesis and survey.

Soil Genesis and Classification. Source: Wiley (

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