Wind Erosion Dataset

The European Soil Portal has published the Wind Erosion Dataset.

The map evaluates the erosivity of the climate according to climatic conditions (e.g. wind velocity) and the soil erodibility (e.g. soil texture). It shows the 30-year average number of erosive days for bare soil conditions. The daily, monthly and yearly variability of wind erosivity in Europe shows a strong spatially diverse pattern over the years. The maximum number of erosive days, observed over the whole area modelled, varies between 11 and 24 days over the period 1961-1990.

Wind erosion report: number of erosive days per year.

The map provides an overview of the geographic spread of areas prone to wind erosion. For this evaluation the soil is assumed to be bare, since land cover and management are not incorporated into the model. The omission of soil cover is a limiting factor in this analysis and the interpretation of the results should take that into account. The highest number of erosive days on bare soil per year (calculated over the last 30 years) can be found across the sand belt that covers southeast England, the Netherlands, northern Germany, and Poland. Additionally, the areas exposed to high wind velocities at coastlines show elevated levels of wind erosion.

Find it at:


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