Earth as art

Tani Taguas
School of Agricultural and Forestry Engineering
University of Cordoba, Spain

Earth as art: lysergic pictures from the infinity…

Not only the trekkies and the fervent fans of Big Bang Theory are going to enjoy this flashy trip through the most stunning landscapes in the planet, traversed in alphabetical order.

Earth as Art. Source: NASA.

Eart as Art, published by the NASA in 2012, offers 75 images of Earth taken by different satellites from 1960, reinterpreted by artists to run away from boring piles of paper, in grey winter  mornings whereas you warm your  hands up around a cup of hot coffee. From Akpatok Island (Canada) until Zagros Mountains (Iran), you can likely find van Gogh in Anti-Atlas Mountains, Tápies in Algerian Desert, Kandisky in Kalahari Desert and Pac-Man in Garden City (sic). My favourite, Alluvial Fan in China in blue Picasso period, nothing better than the reality improved in blue. I can imagine the artists playing with bands, matrix and colours, preparing nice trips.



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