My favourite Soil Science book: Modern Physical Geography

Félix A. González-Peñaloza
University of Valencia

Cover of the Spanish edition of “Modern Physical Geography”. Source: Ed. Omega.

The Strahlers have been quite active when filling our shelves with books on physical geography. Many of these books are almost constantly consulted by students and professionals in the Geosciences and, in particular, by geographers. “Physical Geography” (Arthur N. Strahler and Alan H. Strahler) is perhaps the best recognized of all. It is known as the Bible of Geographers in the corridors of the Faculty of Geography of the University of Seville due to the large collection of geographic issues, including the chapter on soils. This chapter first showed geographers what soil is, how and why it is formed, its characteristics, as well as a “rather strange”  soil classification called Soil Taxonomy.


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