European Landslide Susceptibility Map (ELSUS1000) v1

The European Landslide Susceptibility Map (ELSUS1000 v1) has been produced jointly by the Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR, Hannover, Germany), the Joint Research Centre (JRC, Ispra, Italy), the Institute of Physics of the Globe (CNRS-EOST, Strasbourg, France), and the Research Institute for Hydrogeological Protection (CNR-IRPI, Perugia, Italy), as part of the work of the European Landslide Expert Group, with contributions from other members of the Group.

ELSUS1000 v1 represents levels of spatial probability of generic landslide occurrence at continental scale. It covers most of the European Union and several neighbouring countries. Basically, the map has been produced through regionalization of the study area based on elevation and climatic conditions, followed by spatial multi-criteria evaluation modelling using pan-European slope gradient, soil parent material and land cover spatial datasets as main landslide conditioning factors. In addition, over 100,000 landslide locations across Europe, provided by various national organizations or collected by the authors, have been used for model calibration and validation. Additional information on the methodology is provided in the references below and the map metadata.

The released landslide susceptibility map is accompanied by ancillary spatial datasets used or produced for landslide susceptibility modelling, referencing to administrative regions, and confidence level evaluation of the classified landslide susceptibility.

ELSUS1000 v1 is a contribution of the European Landslide Expert Group to the EU Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection and the related Proposal for a Soil Framework Directive.

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