Soil in Art: Helping to tell a story

Soil sculpted to tell a story. Layered to explain a problem. Hanging from the ceiling to create joy. Soil is art. 

Everyday I am seeing more and more beautiful photographs of soil being used in art work. And why not! Soil is dynamic, helps to create and sustain life, and it is beautiful. And artists are using soil to tell stories of sustainability, food security, life, and environment. And some are using soil simply because it is beautifully complex.

Where is soil in art? 

Artologica (Michele Banks) paints soil microbes. Michele has on her Etsy pageI’m not a scientist, I just love and am fascinated by the natural world, especially at the microscopic level.” And we love it too. Such beautiful watercolours and natural-ness of her work really makes her paintings feel like the earthy, soft soil that we all know and love.

Soil microbes from Artologica on Etsy


Kseniya Simonova is drawing with sand and soil in live art works. She captures the beauty, sadness and reality of life with her magical changing soil art.


In France, Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy makes life-like living sculptures from soil. The humaniod forms even grow in front of you, with grass sprouting from their arms, legs and faces! The artist has on her webpage that the sculptures “represent the growth and decay of life… the artist depicts the restraints of possibility in the cycle of life: we are bound to this earth, this body, these patterns.

Life-like sculptures from Mathilde (photo by the artist)


There are so many amazing examples of soil art; more than I can put up here! But if you do a search on Google Images, you are sure to see some amazing examples.


I love soil (art)!

Soil is such popular as a medium in art that there is a whole group and webpage dedicated to its use. And with its popularity and use in art also comes it communication to a wider audience. Soils appreciation, understanding and education from art can touch the heart and minds of many. If soil can be shown with love, than perhaps our, artists, landholders, and gardeners love of soil will continue to grow into the hearts of everyone.


Have you seen any amazing soil art? Please send in or post in the comments below. We’d love to see it!

You can read more about soil and art here.


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