6th International Conference on Cryopedology

logo-6tg ICC 2013

The 6th International Conference on Cryopedology “Frost-affected soils Dynamic soils in the dynamic world” will be held in Krakow (Poland), 24-29 August 2013.

The aim of the conference is to encompass the whole range of research associated with soils affected by frost, either at present or in the past. Presentations and posters will be grouped in thematic sessions connected with the following topics:

Genesis and classification of frost-affected soils

Paleocryogenic imprints in contemporary soils

Functioning of Cryosols in contemporary ecosystems

The effect of climate change on Cryosols

Carbon dynamics in Cryosols

Soil management in polar regions

Soil databases and mapping of Cryosols

For further information about the conference and field trips, please visit the site: www.geo.uj.edu.pl/cryosols2013



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