In memoriam: Professor Donald L. Johnson

Professor Bruce L. Rhoads
Department of Geography and Geographic Information Science
University of Illinois

Professor Donald L. Johnson, Professor Emeritus of Geography and Geographic Information Science at the University of Illinois passed away on Friday May 10.  Just a month ago he and Jennifer Horwath Burnham received the G.K. Gilbert Award for Excellence in Geomorphic Research from the Association of American Geographers for their GSA Special Paper on Mima Mounds.  This was the second G.K. Gilbert Award for Don – he was previously honored in 1990 with  Donna Watson-Stegner for their evolution model of pedogenesis.  Don revolutionized our thinking about the role of biota in soil and landform evolution, culminating in his dynamic denudation-biomantle theory.  His scholarly contributions have strongly influenced geomorphology, geoarchaeology, and pedology.  Besides being a remarkable scholar, Don was a wonderful colleague and friend, and will be greatly missed.

Short bio (Dep. of Geograpy and Geographic Information Science, Univ. of Illinois)


One thought on “In memoriam: Professor Donald L. Johnson

  1. I feel honored to have made Don an acquaintance when my Cousin John Tandarich included our Kansas Ranch in a tour of about 40 Worldwide Geologists. Don headed this group of most interesting folks. We shared Christmas cards for many years after 1993. His memory will long be cherished here at Westmoreland.


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