Special Issue Solid Earth “Soil processes in cold-climate environments”

Following the session “Soils in cold-climate regions” organized at the EGU’13, we are now editing a Special Issue in the prestigious journal Solid Earth.

This Special Issue will be edited by Marc Oliva (University of Lisbon, Portugal), Paulo Pereira (Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania), Ana Navas (EEAD-CSIC, Spain) and James Bockheim (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA).


Active layer/permafrost in Potter Peninsula (King George, Antarctica)

The aim of the Special Issue is to bring to light the state of progress in knowledge of soils in cold-climate environments, with a focus both on present and past soil processes. In these areas, soils play a decisive role on the environmental dynamics (e.g permafrost, carbon and methane stock). Some of these areas have experienced very significant warming trends during the last decades. These changes may produce direct or indirect severe impacts on soil properties (e.g permafrost thawing, forest fires).

For this Special Issue we invite contributions from a wide range of disciplines and research topics inside the scope of Solid Earth. These topics include:

– Analysis of soil properties (micromorphology, mineralogy, nutrients)
– Paleosoils and sediments: a source of palaeoenvironmental information;
– Fire effects on soil properties;
– Soil temperatures in seasonal frost environments;
– Active layer/permafrost dynamics.

You can start now preparing your papers according to the guidelines of the jourmal.

Before submitting your manuscript you need to register to Solid Earth. Manuscripts must be submitted directly via the journal’s online system.

Opening of Special Issue in submission page: 1st June, 2013
Closing of Special Issue in submission page: 1st December, 2013

Marc Oliva, Paulo Pereira, Ana Navas and James Bockheim


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