Eric Brevik’s work awarded by Geoderma

The review paper The use of electromagnetic induction techniques in soils studies, by James A. Doolittle and Eric Brevik, has been awarded as the Geoderma’s Best Review of 2014. The Geoderma Best Paper Awards are chosen every year since 2013. Candidates are nominated by the Geoderma Editorial Board and a short-list is then created for voting by the editorial Board. The winner of the Geoderma Best Paper Award receives 1 year promotional access to the paper, a certificate and a gift voucher. This paper and the rest of winning articles are freely available until July 2016.

Eric Brevick. Credit: dickinsonstateu at Flickr.
Eric Brevick. Credit: dickinsonstateu at Flickr.

Eric Brevik is an officer and active member of the Soil System Sciences Division of EGU, and one of the executive editors of SOIL, the EGU recently launched journal. He is Professor of Geology and Soils of the Department of Natural Sciences at Dickinson State University (Dickinson, ND, USA). His main research focuses soil genesis, soil mapping and survey, soil and human health and history of soil science.

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