Be a blogger!

Do you want to post your experience or ideas in this blog? Just do it.

How can I contribute?

Usually, posts are classified in 6 categories listed below, although you can write about something not included here. You can see some examples:

  • Soil pictures. One or two pictures with some text lines make a good post (and sometimes, the most read). Examples.
  • Under research. Contributions about on-going or recent research projects or investigations. Examples.
  • Books. Book reviews or comments on published books. Examples.
  • Featured soil scientist. Outstanding soil scientist’s short bios. Examples.
  • PhD Thesis. This is a good oportunity for disseminating recent work by young researchers. Examples.
  • The soil under our boots. This includes posts on concrete problems and ideas, usually about field work. Examples.

How long?

A few lines are OK, but the only limit to your imagination is you. Images are wellcome!

Where are the author guidelines?

Fortunately, there are no guidelines. Feel free to structure your own text.

Post it!

No reasons for not being active. Send your text/pictures/media to Antonio Jordán:


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